Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catch Up V1.0: The Birthday

I've had many lessons on "achieving goals" and one principle of the lesson is to break up big activities into smaller, more manageable tasks. We've all heard this, I'm sure, at some point or another, but I rarely follow advice. I should, though. So,as June has been pretty packed so far, I've decided to break up my "catching up" posts and drag them out over the next few days. Nothing super eventful is happening before Saturday, so this is a good week to do it. So here's Chapter 1: the Birthday.

This guy turned 29. 29. The very last year of his twenties. After this it's...the thirties. (some of you may know the implications of this birthday for me... but I won't get into that here. All I'll say is "yikes.") Anyway the big 2-9. Wow, that came fast. Luckily, his optomism, demeanor, fashion preferences, body, and looks still scream 19 (for better or for worse, but mostly for better).

We were at the Grand Canyon with my family on Kenny's big day, so the day began with my parents and sisters storming our hotel room with several donuts (stacked on top of each other to resemble a cake) singing "happy birthday." The rest of the day was pretty chill: a late breakfast at some country cafe, wandering around the tacky gift shops in Williams, AZ, seeing/hearing real ghosts in a fabric store, HUGE pie (thanks again Uncle Doug and Aunt Kathy), a long drive back to CA, and a yummy dinner at Lucille's courtesy of Amelia and Hudd (thanks guys!). Then bed. Our soft, warm, non-hotel bed. Glorious.

The Haunted Fabric Store
My Dad loves tacky gift shops and thought Kenny should be the Sheriff for his birthday. Kenny thought he should be the Sheriff everyday.
Anna and the pie...this particular piece would be the "chocolate-dipped-strawberry-cream pie. And it was amazing.

"What did I get him?" you're asking...nothing. Yet. This is what he wants: (Remember how I said he's more 19 than 29? Last year he wanted -and got - a Powell Peralta skateboard. I love him.) Anyway, if any one is so inclined, feel free to donate to the gift fund. Kenny is excited to surf this.
Rusty Piranha Quad. 6'0" (yes this picture is of the Tri, but he wants a quad)

We came home a day earlier than planned, so on the drive home we invited a bunch of friends to join us at the beach the next afternoon for some food and boccie ball.

Kenny, Elise, Skyler, Ryel, Dale, Nick, and Rebekka (sp?).
Nicole and Jeff had to leave early - before the camera came out, so no picture. Sad, but we were glad they made it at all. And that Nicole brought her delicious fruit dip. So good. Later, the newly engaged Jenn and Will showed up and Will proved to be quite the boccie ball player.

It was fun! Thanks to all those who helped Kenny celebrate!

Kenny, thanks for staying so young and fun despite getting older and for looking better and better every year. You're a total babe. Thanks also for being hardworking, ambitious, faithful, and kind. I hope this year is your best yet and that you live it up (which I know you will). I love you.


Elise said...

Really? A haunted fabric store? Wow, I really need to go to the Grand Canyon.

Elise said...

BTW, your husband is a babe. Lucky girl. Some people like to stay 29 forever...maybe you will be lucky again!