Thursday, January 19, 2012

Putting it out there: Life Goals

I'm at my office. I'm supposed to be editing a deal I underwrote last week while polishing off another deal and mentoring the two junior analysts. But, in a flash, I was hit with a clear idea of my "Life Goals." I can't say these are all encompassing, but they likely serve as the foundational values and goals that drive all other things I'd like to accomplish. I prefer these broader life goals to, say, "resolutions" because when I fail even once at a resolution, I tend to write it off as a loss for the rest of the year and quit trying at all. So, lest I forget these longer-term hopes/goals forever, here they are:

  • Have a mutually fulfilling, successful marriage that lasts. Like, forever.

  • Earn a PhD. (or two???) In otherwords, to be forever learning.

  • Raise my children to be kind, confident, resourceful, and generally happy adults. I realize I can't control them or many of the circumstances of their lives, so I'll only say that I hope they're also successful and educated and that they develop a firm faith in a Loving Father in Heaven and His plan. I also hope that as siblings, my children are close and bonded. And that they won't have too much to complain about me with each other.

  • Build my dream home. Or two. And lest images of huge mansions go fluttering through the readers' heads, let me state that my dream home is not large, but rather efficient, simple, resourceful, well designed and made, unique/interesting, and full of light. Same goes for the the things and people with which I'd like to fill this home.

  • Travel. Everywhere.

  • Live abroad for a time.

  • Be known as kind and intelligent. And honest. I think that's doable. In my dreams I'd like to be thought of as funny, too.

  • To be unattached to things. Live to experience rather than to accumulate.

  • Live in optimal, balanced health. At least with regards to the things I can control. I'd like to be an active senior citizen when that time comes.

  • To be a person who boosts those around her - in whatever way is needed. This may require my getting over my own insecurities and inherent shyness (which I fear often comes across as snobbishness).

  • Provide a financial legacy for my posterity. Both in actual funds and as an example of wise management of one's resources.

  • Also to leave a legacy of faith, kindness, social responsibility and awareness, and passion.

So...that's it? Probably not. But it's something. And hopefully it will serve as a reminder for me when my priorities are out of whack. Hopefully.


Tyler Jorgenson said...

Great goals Jill! Go get em!

heather said...

your goals are inspiring and well put. i love them.

also, your new york photos are beautiful!

Desiree said...

Love those. You are on your are amazing, lady!

Kimberlee said...

You are already known as kind, intelligent, and honest.