Sunday, January 15, 2012

NYC in photos

I guess it's about time I post some photos from our Christmas trip to NYC. These are not all the photos. They are not in order and they don't depict all we did, saw, ate, and experienced. But they'll do. Enjoy.

The Subway:
We were quick pros when it came to public transportation; however, it was particularly frustrating for Kenny not to have mountains to help him get his bearings and serve as a visual compass. Also, we never could have done it without our iPhones and various Subway apps. I love technology.

Rockefeller Plaza.. and THE tree:
we could not go to NY in December and NOT see this. Kenny wanted to go multiple times. It was the shot of "Christmas Festive-ness" we needed to combat our 70+ degree weather at home.

Bryant Park (my favorite) and a smaller tree and ice skating rink:
This is the spot I kept wanting to return to. Preferably with a hot chocolate and a good book (which would have been easy given it's right next to the main Public Library - also one of my favorite spots. Yes, I know. I'm a nerd.)

Times Square:
Can you find us on the jumbotron/billboard?

The Empire State Building:
I'd seen "An Affair to Remember" too many times not to go up and take in the view. Pretty incredible.

We got pretty creative trying to get a shot of both of us. Here is our reflection in the windows.

Awww. We're cute.

Central Park:
I'm glad we finally took some time to just sit and hang out while strolling through the park. We just meandered about and finally sat on a bench to share a bag of hot candied pecans and watched the performers. We were at first a bit bummed there was no snow to really add to the whole Christmas ambiance, but, in retrospect, we were so grateful to have fairly pleasant weather. We wouldn't have had this time otherwise.
(Thank you to our gorilla-pod for making photos of us together possible. If you follow Kenny on instagram, you saw his photos of me setting the camera up to take these sorts of shots. Worth it.)
Although Kenny holds his own pretty well without me in the shot, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Right outside the park was the LDS temple. So cool to see it in the middle of the city. We're so used to them being tucked up on some hill in a residential area. I liked seeing the Angel Moroni amidst all the high rises.

Worth the detour off the island if for no other reason than this view - the very best of the whole trip:
More gorilla pod couples photos...

And one more of my man. I like him.

Right on the waterfront and almost under the bridge was this empty, roofless building. So...we had to take photos, right?

The High Line:
Our last morning we walked over to the High Line and I'm so glad we did because my two favorite photos of the whole trip were shot while there (below). Isn't he so handsome?! It was inspiring to see what can be made of old, run down property. We shared some Donought Plant goodies and said good bye to the City.

It was over too fast, but so much fun. I can't wait to go back!


allegra said...

wow, those last two shots are pretty stellar. You're a great photographer.. I really love all your shots Jill! This looks like a ton of fun. It makes me miss the east coast. When we lived in Boston we took a few weekend trips from Boston to NY via the Bus! It was interesting and fun, but having a baby and stroller in NY wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. (Boston subways are so much cleaner/less scary/family friendly). I've never been to New York over Christmas, though. That would be really cool!

Diana and Jon said...

You trip looked so fun! We love visiting that city. You look beautiful by the way!

Justin + kelly said...

These are gorgeous!! You guys are gorgeous!! What a fun trip.

Rebekka said...

It's so fun to see the pictures of your trip! Nic and I did an almost identical trip to NYC in November. It was amazing! So glad to see your trip was too :). You guys look great, I hope all is well!

Bek said...

you guys are gorgeous.