Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remember Christmas?

I don't.

And, since it's officially autumn and The Holidays will soon again be upon us, I thought should finally post some photos from 2010 lest I forget it forever. Here goes...
This Christmas was spent in Utah with my side of the family.

Christmas morning:
The Grandparents in their new snuggies.
My baby when she was still a baby. And not the tantrum throwing, opinionated, teething, running creature she is now. (She's a cute monster, though.)
Just woke up faces
Looking lovely. No makeup and bed head. Enjoy that unknown blog stalkers.
Ryan and I in our blanket/ponchos. That blanket was my savior during my two bouts of mastitis btw. Nothing like a quasi-sleeping bag to get a girl through feverish chills and burning boobs.
A tired Ryan tries to to wear everything he received.
Mom and Becca.
(For some reason I don't have photos of my dad or Anna...not that my dad minds, I'm sure.)
Then we met up with my dad's family at the cemetery visit with his parents. Or at least to stare at their graves. We all then gathered at my Uncle Greg's where there was a pinata, lots of food, some football, and some drinking games (minus the drinking):
Brett, Anna, Becca
Me and my girl...
Dad and Megan (I think)
More cousins
Sweet Dee and her Grandpa
Kenny helped Lola take a swing at the pinata...
she did NOT like it.
Kenny and Ryan
Dad and Aunt Pam.
Again, no pictures of Anna. Weird.

We then met up with my moms family for more food, games, and a talent show. I don't have photos. Bummer.

And finally, a few days later Kenny and I went up to Logan to visit the Parkinsons...
Steve and Lori (with Lola)
More Riley.
And Madi.
This is where I'd put the photo of Laura - if I could find it on my hard drive.
I was worried that in taking this long to post about this I would "lose" photos. And I did. Somewhere on a hard drive is pictures of Laura P. and Anna N.; I can imagine the photos I know I loaded and yet...they're gone. And they were good photos, of course. They're pretty girls, after all. Someday I'll find them. (I hope.) I also wish I had photos of all the friends and cousins we got to visit and of our trip to Park City for some wonderful snowboarding. THAT was wonderful (even if it did lead to one of those bouts of mastitis mentioned above). Ahhhh, memories.

Anyway, There's Christmas! Finally! It was pretty jam packed, but awesome. Just today Kenny mentioned that he's looking forward to Christmas. I had a minor panic attack at the thought, but after looking at these I can breathe a little better. Yes, it's super stressful, but in the end it's all about the people we love. And it's good.


Kristi said...

up late working still and taking a brain break to read blogs hah. WOw christmas - haven't even thought about the holidays, guess not until I come up for air after this dreadful tax season. So you guys going to Utah again? Paul has me convinced we will be hermits this year and stay home by our lonesomes. Maybe he will get a job someday and we get the pennies for gas haha. Anyway yay for the holidays. I'm delirious.

Amy said...

Love this post, doesn't it make you so sad she is not a baby anymore! you are so photogenic, even in your just woke up picture.
Cute pictures and kinda made me excited for the holidays...I said kinda, I still loathe that summer is over