Friday, September 2, 2011

A late night and the cops.

Dear college-aged neighbors.

I'm sorry I called in the cops to end your little gathering this morning. And by morning, I mean the gathering that began at promptly 2am. Like clockwork. Every Thursday nigh. I know that's when the bars close and that your apartment, given its proximity to downtown, is an ideal gathering spot after bar-hopping.

I'm not sorry, however, that the noise has finally stopped. Perhaps we wouldn't have this problem if you'd simply close the doors/windows of your apartment while continuing your party. Perhaps if you reminded our friends not to YELL to you from the parking lot we'd be cool. Perhaps if you'd kindly keep the gathering in your unit rather than letting it spill out into the courtyard, I'd let it slide. We'd definitely be on better terms if your pals would refrain from hanging out directly outside my bedroom window to make phone calls, have arguments, or conduct inappropriate conversations.

I remember college. I remember the joys of late nights - specifically Thursdays as there was seldom class held on Fridays. And I well remember rolling my eyes at the crazy old people who'd yell at us. I forgive you for your youth.

I can't, however, forgive that you've turned me into that crazy old lady. The one who actually made a noise complaint with the local PD this morning. for thee first time after putting up with this 2+ years. The crazy old lady who then sat up an hour drafting a strongly worded letter to our property management addressing your many grievences. The crazy old lady who then has to rant about it on her blog. The crazy lady who will stew about it for a while yet until sleep finally returns.

I wish you could understand that Friday still means early mornings and responsibility for the rest of your neighbors. I wish you could understand that it's difficult to sleep at all in this heat. I wish you knew how much I struggle to sleep at all these days. I wish I believed that if you understood, you'd be more considerate. But I don't. Every Thursday it's the same. I'll forgive you for carrying on on Friday and Saturday nights, but not Thursdays.

So while I'm sorry I ended your soiree, I'm more sorry that it's 3am and I'm still not asleep. So while I sit here cursing your existence as I watch that clock tick ever closer to my 5:50am alarm, I hope you enjoyed your visit from the Men (or Women) in Blue.

Good night.


Elise said...

Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm an old lady too. I get irritated when train commuters park in front of my house. I call to have cars towed when they've been on the street too long. It means we're maturing, right?

US! said...


heather said...

loved this. If your desired bed time determines your age I am SO old. Maybe it's the newborn feedings combined with the toddler nightmares and the husband getting home late, but I like to be in bed before 10 & would probably call the cops on anyone making lots of noise around me after that. Let alone 2am.

A | E said...

i feel you. we have always had crazy neighbors in la, let's talk crazy neighbors next time we talk:) you looked beautiful on saturday.

Emilia said...

Jill! I had these crazy neighbors in the apartment below me! They would blast their bass and get drunk and then all their little friends would hang out on the balcony (that sits RIGHT below my balcony) and yell and smoke and talk in the most primitive way. The bass was awful, but the smoking was worse. They would smoke EVERY 20 min!! I couldn't keep my sliding door open because it would stink up my apartment. I called the cops on them many times! I feel no shame! They were so inconsiderate. One time I even called the cops in the middle of the day because they were fighting like crazy and I couldn't concentrate on my work! Luckily they moved out last week! So I only had to endure a year of craziness and feeling like a prisoner in my own home. I really did hate them though, they were in the reserves and I would always wish they would get sent to war. I am evil, but they made me this way!!