Monday, June 27, 2011

Kenny suggested I update this little blog lest anyone go thinking I died of a bladder infection. I am. I survived (but just barely; UTI's are the worst).

Other than that, not too much of note has really gone on.

By the way, I realize this blog has become little more that a "travel log" of sorts, i.e. "here's what we did, here's where we went, etc." And it's boring. At least it is to me. I was going through my archives recently and, while I'll admit there's nothing amazing in there, it does seem that I used to have a lot more to say. No, I'm being hard on myself. In truth most of those posts were written while at work where I was all too eager for a diversion and (given that I was in front of a computer all day) it was easy to blog any random thought that popped into my head. Most of these thoughts probably should have remained in my head... regardless, I do miss having a record of the (mostly banal) musings that I entertained (and continue to entertain). If nothing else, they make me laugh now.

Yesterday I read most of the day - i was determined to finish Jane Eyre. Why I had never read it is beyond me, but I finished and I can now be in that club. There were several passages I noted so that I could go over them again and let the words sink in a bit. Kenny calls me a nerd (with affection) and he's right. I am. However, I'm also a dumb kid who loves mindless entertainment. Case in point: the second I read the last sentence of Jane Eyre, I pulled up an episode of Phineas and Ferb and mentally checked out. And I enjoyed that almost as much as I liked reading all day.

Today, I got really into dusting/polishing. Like with q-tips and a toothbrush. Although I oddly derived some satisfaction from the process (as well as the result of course), I couldn't help but fantasize about selling everything, save one chair. My chores would all but disappear! I entertained this idea so much that I actually suggested it to Kenny upon his arrival home. He took his usual stance (we've had the discussion before) and reminded me that he really liked having a couch. He knows this because we went without one for four months the last time I convinced him to sell some stuff. (He eventually resorted on folding an air-mattress to resemble a futon.) I reminded him that I said I would keep one chair - for him. He sort of smiled before Lola stole his attention. I think I may ware him down. Anyone looking for an apartment's worth of furniture, keep your eyes glued to Craig's List. Any day now...

And here I leave you. Very much alive and UTI free.


Trisha Chan said...

this may be completely random. i just came across your blog.
but you are hilarious! unique and shameless. continue to embrace who God created you to be! habits, passions, and all. :)

Cassie Brady said...

You're most certainly not boring Jill!

Elise said...

I have that problem with my blog too. I feel that no one is interested, but trust me...people love reading your blog. I agree that I enjoy my no-photo rants. I like reading blogs just as much as the photos. But yours I enjoy no matter what you blog about.