Thursday, June 30, 2011

High fashion?

Yesterday, the reigning king of street style fashion photography, The Sartorialist, told us to take note of a certain designer and then showcased a few looks.

I must say there were some good pieces and I liked the styling. And then I got to this photo:
And all I could think was: "Attention old Mormon Dads: letting your stretched out "g's" (white boxer briefs for the non-Mormons out there) hang out the bottom of too-short shorts is now considered high-fashion. Your children no longer have to be embarrassed."

And then I had a good laugh to myself.

Did anyone else's dad/husband rock this look? Usually straight out of bed? Just mine? Sorry, Dad.


Kory said...

He just needs black ankle socks.

The Brady Bunch said...

LOL they totally look like stretched out garments!!!!!!

Amy said...


Kelli said...

My dad was even better, forget the short shorts, he came down (no matter who was there) in just his g's.