Sunday, February 6, 2011

Husband's been busy.

One of my favorite things to do here is to brag about the doings and accomplishments of friends and family. It's time I turn the spotlight on Kenny.

A little over a year ago Kenny started a company, Fotofafa, offering post production services to professional photographers - mainly to wedding photographers (given the high volume they shoot). We personally know a lot of photographers, mainly through his very talented sister, Amelia Lyon, and we knew that many of them outsourced this step of their work flow. We figured, well, why don't we do it. However, no sooner did Kenny get the ball rolling on this new venture when the "we" part of the equation quickly became "he" as my trying to balance pregnancy and a full-time, corporate job left me a little burnt out at the end of the day. So Kenny was left to start this thing on his own. And he's done a great job, thanks in no small part to the support and assistance of friends and family who have helped him develop his editing abilities (ahem, amelia) and have spread the word. Jon and Christian, his now business partners, are a great add in the business development part of things, while our friend Scott has helped with the company branding and website design. My Uncle Greg has provided legal advice and Fotofafa's in house and off site editors do a great job.

But this is about Kenny. I'm proud of the work he's done and am so excited for him to be experiencing success with this relatively new venture.

The timing for this post coincides with Kenny's recent relaunched of the Fotofafa site. Scott (with FriendorFoe) did a great job on design and branding. In short, it looks fantastic. And while I admit I may be biased, I say that as a matter of objective fact.

Great job, Honey!

I should probably note that Kenny doesn't process the images on our little blog here. No, this blog, despite its title is just me. His work is WAY better.

Check out the site. It's pretty to look at. And when you see Kenny, throw him some High Fives for a job well done. He deserves it.


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Tyler Jorgenson said...

Great looking site! Keep up the great work Kenny B!

Amy said...

That is sooo cool! I may be sending some photos his way some time soon! I hate that part of pictures, its kinda fun but I suck at it.

Ashley Thalman said...

For real. So good.