Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crystal Cove ... in January.

This was actually a recent outing. The weather this January was nicer than it was all summer (or so it seemed) so we teamed up with the Brewers, who are always up for last minute adventures, and we ended up in Crystal Cove for a nature walk. Of course we ended the outing with Malts from the Shake Shack.

We had originally discussed doing an actual hike, hence the hardcore gear we're sporting. Well, the gear that Kristi is sporting, at least.

The tide was way out, which made for some fun exploring. There were lots of tide pools to keep the kiddos - or us - entertained. Let's be honest, Lola didn't really care what we were doing and Keilana was content to chill in the Kelty with her blanket and snacks.

The grand prize of finds: half a lobster. Yum.

Thanks for the fun day, Brewers!

And thanks to Paul for remembering a camera and for taking all the photos (which I stole without permission; sorry).

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Amy said...

That looks like so much fun. Kory and I used to go look for treasures at the beach all the time when we were dating while he was out there for school. It makes me sad sometimes to think that Axel has never seen the ocean. ONE DAY!