Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bowling with the Fam.

First things first. Bowling shoes are not cute.
But when they happen to match my socks (which I'm wearing over my jeans because I had been wearing boots) they're actually awesome. Right? (Also, between my green striped socks over my jeans and my colorful Native American themed sweater, I gave the conservative female BYU students in the next lane plenty to whisper about.)

My family's trip to their local bowling alley. Lola was very interested in the game.
Blurry, but the only photo I got of Ryan's victory dance.
This sister is really good at bowling. That's because when Tennis is in its off-season, her team goes bowls for their P.E. hour. She's also really good at funny faces.
This sister is also really good at funny faces, although here she's just annoyed at me for taking her picture after a not-so-good bowl.
The parents...or grandparents I guess.
And moi. Notice I'm strategically blocking the view of my lane lest the viewer of this pic sees that I failed to actually knock any pins over. I may have come in last place. I'm not sure I even broke 60 to be honest.
And, for a parting shot, enjoy my backside.
You're welcome.

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Diana and Jon said...

Yay! I love all the new pictures. I can't believe how big Lola is getting...and already crawling. I feel like Opal will never be at that point.