Sunday, July 25, 2010

Funny Siblings.

I just got this text from a certain 16-year old little sister:

"Oh Jill. Every time I see your frozen breast milk in the freezer I miss you."

This would be the same frozen breast milk upon which a certain brother wrote the following note:

"Do not touch. Ryan's future progeny."

I'm so glad my storing food for my child has sparked so much interest, creativity, and conversation among my siblings.

They're fun. I maybe miss them a little.


rookie cookie said...

I was in Sammy's last week with Jacque and on the wall was a Polaroid of a little baby Lola. And after closer examination, it was concluded that the Lola was yours.

Doreen said...

This makes me laugh. We miss you so much. Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow. We'll be talking to you hopefully!!!!!
Love you,