Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nielsen Lola.

So the last time I got my family to visit me, I had to graduate college. (That was four years ago.) This time was more difficult; I had to have a kid. However, I guess that technically means that they were visiting her. I'm okay with that.

My dad was in love.
So were my sisters.

We took the family to John's fish house at Dana Point Harbor for fish'n'chips
and to the Shake Shack at Crystal Cove for malts.

I figured two-weeks-old was old enough for a first visit (albeit a short one) to Disneyland
where my dad was excited to take Lola on "It's a Small World"
It was Anna's favorite ride.
Before the family got there, my mom and I took Lola to the beach. My mom is originally from southern CA and was anxious to see the ocean. And 11-days old seemed plenty old for Lola. And I was able to both rest and get out of my apartment. Win-win.

Lola loved cuddling with grandma.

When the family came, we of course had to go back...this time for a bon fire.

And lots of time was spent in the pool at their hotel. LOTS of time. Unfortunately, Lola (and I) had to sit this part out.

It was fun to have them. I miss you, family.
Please come back...


Elise said...

You're gross! 11 days after having a baby and you're wearing a bathing suit and looking freaking amazing! the point where I'm pretty sure you were never really pregnant. Congrats and yuck!

Love the pics though. Your family seems to love her! So cute!

Shanna Nemrow said...

Okay, you officially make me sick. I cannot believe how incredible you look less than two weeks after having a baby. And yes, I am just jealous that I can't look like that two years after having my last baby. (Deep sigh of regret).

So happy your fam came out - they look like a blast. And Lola is just adorable!

allegra said...

jill, you look amazing! are you sure you just had a baby in there?? she is absolutely darling. family coming is always a help. looks like you all had fun!

allegra said...

p.s. i have that same car seat, different color. it's the bomb. you'll love it.

heather said...

i love lola pictures! your family looks like a bunch of fun, genuine people. i love the pics of your dad with his grand-daughter.

and... you are my hero. your post pregnancy body is such motivation for me. don't be freaked out if i have a picture of you on my treadmill to keep me going through pregnancy.

Kat Clark said...

So I bet your husband is totally stoked that you are so freaking hot and that you gave him the cutest little baby eva?! Ya, thought so. I think I have a girl crush on you. You know, those strictly hederosexual types of girl crushes? Sorry. Weird. True.

Lady Wordsmith said...

Your family is beautiful :) Thanks for sharing your photos.

Amy said...

Jill, as everyone already said it but WOW you look so good! seriously did you really have that baby? I am starting to doubt. Then again you have always been so pretty.

I ran into your husbands cousin yesterday at walmart. (Sam) I don't know if you knew that he and Kory served in Seattle together, small world huh.

Anyway, your little Lola is a doll! Can we please come and play at the beach with you?

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

I second Elise. That is exactly what I was going to say! You must have faked the pregnancy,no one can look that good!

kristyn said...

I agree, you are a postpartum marvel!! You had to have been masquerading as a pregnant lady!

You look great and Lola is so adorable.

Bek said...

you're hot!

Desiree and Lars said...

11 days after birth and you look hot in a suit!! Go girl! Are you blessing her this sunday?? We are actually going to try and make it up to the Fullerton ward, so we hope to see you!