Monday, March 15, 2010

Things I learned this weekend:

  • I can in fact follow a budget...or at least I can do better than last week.
  • My husband is amazing at H-O-R-S-E...and the more absurd the shot, the better chance Kenny will make it.
  • My tiny bathtub can actually be comfortable with some innovative positioning and the strategic use of towels.
  • I will always underestimate the work required to complete my creative endeavors. On the flipside, the quilt I’m making our kid is pretty awesome. Or it will be. If I can ever finish it.
  • At some point just being comfortable will trump the desire to look “put together.”
  • I like social gatherings, but only if I’ve had adequate sleep. Oh, Sleep...I need more of you in my life.
  • While I resent Southern California’s lack of seasons and too-short “winters” I sort of loved reading at the park yesterday in a tee shirt, skirt and flip flops - in early March!
  • If I wake up Kenny by putting my stomach against his back when the baby’s moving, it's guaranteed Kenny will wake up in the BEST mood, even laughing. (I should note, Kenny usually wakes up really happy, but this way I feel like I should somehow get credit for it.)
  • My hips and knees are noticeably looser. Note to self: move slower; save yourself the injury.
  • If I don’t see Elise at least once during the week, I feel sort of lost. Ironic that the last few times I’ve hung out with her was simply to watch LOST.
  • Kenny will always want to go out for a treat on the days I’ve committed myself to avoid such things.
  • I will always give in to Kenny’s desire for a treat. It’s a rare thing for him to want this.
  • I believe Wonton Wednesdays at Pickup Stix should be an everyday event. If you can't enjoy 25 cent wontons on a weekend but you can on a Wednesday, there is seriously something wrong with the world.

It was a very educational weekend, no?


Freddy and Mandy said...

Love Wonton Wednesday...

Elise said...

Might as well enjoy treats with people you love, it's way better than by yourself.

I know what you mean about feeling lost, I felt like the world wasn't right. This week will fix that, hopefully more that once, and hopefully with treats involved. (Throw that "eating right" diet out the window.)

I've never seen Kenny not happy. You and your baby are lucky to have him.

Kristi said...

um how come I never knew about this wonton wednesday thing, and I am even in Fullerton all day on Wednesdays - this could be bad, very bad for our budget. lol

jenn king said...

you're so cute jill.

Kat Clark said...

So cute. I love the comfort comment. I think that just when you are about to put on the sweats and go barefoot, you'll pop and your stylish side will be saved forever. You are just too cute and tiny to break down and go ghetto. You can do it!!