Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peach Days 2009

The lowdown - Brigham City, UT hosts a Peach Days celebration for a weekend every September. Since both sets of my grandparents ended up living there, I've grown up attending this with many of my cousins. It boasts a parade, a car show, a beauty pageant, craft booths, a carnival, dances, etc. And lots of peaches, including dutch oven peach cobbler (which is divine). The family will usually BBQ and spend some time boating and such. Truthfully though, it had all lost its appeal by my mid-late teens and the whole thing seemed pretty hokey.

Enter Kenny. After hearing my cousins and I bash Peach Days, he decided it was just something he would need to experience for himself. Four years ago, the stars aligned and he was able to attend. And he LOVED it. He stood on the parade route yelling "Peach Days" at regular (frequent) intervals and relished in the small town (albeit white-trash) glory. He made a game of counting mullets. He recognized all "Peach Day Miracles." Throughout it all, he especially made sure to embarrass my grandmother as much as possible and took time to inhale several orders of peach cobbler. His enthusiasm for this annual event has spread to the rest of my family and has effectively reignited our appreciation for the festivities. And Kenny is affectionately called "Saint Peach Days" in my family circle. So now, four years later, almost ALL of us attend. Yes, we drove from So. California to Brigham City, UT solely to attend Peach Days. And it was good.

The Parade:
The Star Wars group always makes an appearance.
This lovely old woman used to work with my the Mayor's office. Apparently, this is how she dressed even then.
Jason and Melissa enjoy some frozen treats...a little too much maybe.
Awww. Grandma.
"Give us candy!"
The Carnival:
Ryan and his lady, April
The Iconic Zipper. No trip to the fair is complete with out this ride. Bummer we had to wait so long while they cleaned out the puke from the rider before us.
Cousin Jake and Sister Becca make some lovely faces
Dad and Anna...she was nervous about the rides, and ended up choosing the fastest, most vomit-inducing ride there. My dad was stoked.
The Misc. Activities (Tennis and Boating)
This is my dad telling me he'd appreciate it if I stopped calling him the Ball Boy. I told him to get his mind out of the gutter.

"I thought you had it!" said both Anna and April
Becca actually plays for OHS and was donning her legit uniform. My mom packed up all her stuff while we were playing so she was stuck wearing this all the way back to Orem.
April is a dancer. Can you tell?
You can kind of see Tami and Jon, who (as a former varsity tennis player himself) was nice enough to give Becca some pointers.
Tyson taking his boy, Cam, wake surfing for the first time. Cam wouldn't put his feet down and Tyson could only grip the life jacket, so Cam kept sinking further inside his jacket. Pretty cute.
Uncle Don and his grandson, Cam. Obviously enjoying himself. (Thanks for taking us out!)

I don't have any good photos of it, but my grandparents put in a fire pit in their back yard. Much time was spend making s'mores and chatting around the fire. Lot's of fun. (Thank grandparents for letting all of us crash your place all weekend and for feeding us such great food! We look forward to repeating the madness at Thanksgiving!)


US! said...

Cute post.. It's nice to know the history of peach days for your family... I'm sad I didn't get to see you! I'll get it off one of these years.. Hopefully!

Freddy and Mandy said...

Yum. We want in next year...

Allison Tiek said...

Best shot: up the old lady's skirt! Hands down! I'm so proud of you for getting that shot...even if she probably busted you.

Shanna Nemrow said...

Looks pretty awesome! The festivities look so fun, and my mouth is totally watering. Our peaches here in Cali just don't make the cut.