Monday, September 21, 2009

Because there's not much else to discuss on a Monday morning unfortunately

So, I’m no architecture expert, but I do appreciate beautiful, thoughtful, and efficient design. Growing up, my dad had a line drawing of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Falling Water in his office and he was the first to introduce me to Bauhaus ideologies like form following function. Once, I assisted my mom’s architecture-student friend build a model of her designs on the campus of MIT and was fascinated by the process. Also, Ayn Rand’s novel Fountainhead instilled in me an appreciation for the architect that considers the structure’s surrounding geography and neighborhood and the interplay between building and environment. So, while I’m no expert, I am a fan of good architecture and property development.

Have I lost you?

All this is to say: whoever designed and built the mid-rise office building – no, the entire business campus – where I work was an idiot. Seriously who builds two parallel towers right on next to a busy free way at an angle that captures both the winds from the freeway and from the coast?! You’d think you were in Chicago walking between the two buildings, it’s so windy. Also, the developers kindly placed a huge Bellagio-esqe fountain at the end of this wind tunnel, so not only are you stuck frantically holding down your skirt and hair as you walk up to the building but you’re also trying to avoid getting sprayed by the fountain, which (thanks to the wind) reaches clear to the parking structure on some mornings. Some days it’s just a little too much for me to handle. So, to all my colleagues who have had the misfortune of seeing my skirt fly up, thus exposing my awesome Mormon underwear...I apologize. Blame the property developers.

That’s all.
(Happy Monday!)

PS – I didn’t even mention the pavers that are spaced just wide enough for a girl to get your heel stuck , thus causing her (okay me) to trip and almost break her shoe/ankle at least once a day. Nor did I mention the safety mats intended to warn the blind that the side walk is ending. The mat is covered in inch high bumps making walking in heels all that much more treacherous. Sigh... it’s like a mine field getting from my car to my office everyday.

PPS - I might fight anyone who points out that I could just wear pants or flat shoes.


Desiree and Lars said...

I love your witty humor. You crack me up.

And it sounds like there is a lot of liability around your building. You need a lawyer? haha.

And you should wear pants. (I don't think you are big enough to scare me.)

The end.

Elise said...

That's a bummer, especially on a Monday morning. Keep wearing the skirts. You look cute, so you should feel happy about that (more happy than if you wore pants and your co-workers didn't see your underwear).