Friday, September 4, 2009

Note to self: Avoid Cameras.

This week not just one, but TWO of my friends have emailed me photos of myself with a caption essentially saying “Don’t worry, I won’t post this, but you had to see it.” In other words: “Wow, Jill, this photo I took of you is so horrible that you have to at least see it before you demand I destroy all evidence.”

And they’re both totally right.

In one, I’m at the beach – in the background – evidentially in the process of rolling onto my side. My beach-dress is hiked up exposing my rear-end, which is busy swallowing my bathing suit bottoms. It’s lovely. Really.

Okay, so a little wedgie at the beach, while unfortunate, is somewhat common. At least I’m far enough away in the shot that there is no visible dimpling or cottage cheese. And at least it’s not a photo of me pulling the wedgie out. A less-than-flattering picture yes, but not the end of the world. However, in the second picture, it’s my face that’s horrible. I had just run up a net bridge at Disneyland’s CA Adventure Wilderness Area. (With Skyler and Elise, we don’t go to D-Land for the rides, we go to make up our own entertainment – often at the expense of the other guests. Anyway, I was racing Elise – who by the way shoved me down on one turn...but I took her legs out from under her toward the top, so we’re even.) Anyway, in the photo I’m standing and laughing. Eyes tightly shut, nose scrunched up, mouth open way too big, arms in an awkward position, hair messed up...I can’t even describe it, but trust me, it ranks up there with worst face of all time. I believe Elise wrote “You’re just so happy and having so much fun.” Well, if that’s what I look like when I’m “having fun” I think I’ll be refraining from all Fun-Having in the future.

At least when there is a camera around.


Allison Tiek said...

I thought it was pretty hot! Maybe we should post it because I think people would agree. :)

Desiree and Lars said...

Now that you have totally described the pics, you know you HAVE TO post them. That just isn't fair.

Elise said...

I can't imagine a bad picture of you. Of course, everyone has an off-moment. My problem is that I can rarely find a picture of me that looks good and when I do I post it all over my blog, facebook, etc.

BTW, I need to post the other video that I have from that night. You, me, and Kenny are bouncing across a bridge. The funny part is that Kenny is wearing your purse!

Neal & Wendy said...

Elise, you have to send me that picture. I believe it's a MUST SEE.

jenn said...

jill! these pictures sound quite intriguing. when are you free? we still need to go to salvation army and have movie night!

Kat Clark said...

How can you give such detail and then deny us the pleasure of actually viewing such gems? Come on, live a little! In real life you're beautiful to the point of perfection. So who cares what the camera might say?