Sunday, September 6, 2009

For Elise...some photos

Yes, I just talked about some terrible photos and sorry they aren't going to shared at this time; my vanity just won't let me do it. But Elise keeps reminding me of all the photos I haven't posted so I'll take this opportunity to share some of those.

This delicacy was taken at H-Mart, an Asian Grocer in Irvine. Pretty sure we were the only non-Asians in this strip mall. We were there to enjoy dinner at Guppy House. Specifically we wanted to eat a giant piece of sugar toast and a "small" snow cone. (It's that massive bowl of strawberry covered ice in the photo below. The restaurant plays club music after nine, so we all got to "eat to the beat."
The second purpose for dinner at Guppy House was to help Skyler and Elise carbo-load for their first Half Iron Man competition. If you ever want to feel lazy and unaccomplished, watch your friends push themselves to their physical limits. But we wanted to be supportive, so we went to cheer them on.

It was a really long walk along the beach to get to the transition area where we could see them.

Here's the triathletes after they finished. Tired, cold, but excited.
Before Skyler saw us, we got a glimpse of how exhausted he was.
Here's Elise starting out on her run. So after swimming a mile and a half, then biking 56 miles, she was running a half marathon. She's nuts.
Skyler and Elise weren't the only ones to accomplish incredible physical feats this year. Our brother-in-law, Jeff, also put us all to shame by completing his first marathon. He's awesome.
And since I denied you all the horrible photos mentioned in my previous post, I hope these serve as a consolation. I made this super hero costume for my nephew - and finished really late at night. Kenny indulged me with some photos as I modeled my handiwork.

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Elise said...

I have no idea why I thought eating sugar toast before a race was a good idea, except for that it was SO GOOD. But let's not forget EAT TO THE BEAT. That was so much fun! Thanks for posting the pictures and coming to our race.