Monday, September 14, 2009

Friends and Foes

Dear Motorcyclist (who I had the misfortune of encountering after what was already a long and exhausting commute home after a long and tiring Monday at work), 

I apologize if my getting into the turn lane early upset you, but it was hardly cause for you to wedge your way next to my passenger side window and proceed to yell and scream at me.  It definitely didn't justify you then cutting me off to block the turn lane in an attempt to make me miss the light.  (FYI, Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody effectively drowned you - and your cussing - out.  Oh yeah, I made the light anyway.)  Jerk.

Dear Elise, 

Thank you for listening to whatever sixth sense made you suggest that we meet up and treat ourselves to gelato tonight, thus redeeming humanity.  Your company and thoughtfulness reminded me that the world is not, in fact, full of horrible, cursing, road-raged motorcyclists. Plus, who can stay mad at the world when she is enjoying gelato? Particularly in the presence of a wonderful friend?

Not me.

p.s.  Mom and Dad: yes, we did make it home safely last night - and not too late.  Sorry I didn't call this evening as promised; I was a little preoccupied hating the world.


Elise said...

I don't know if it was my sixth sense or my desire for gelato. Either way, great night!

Elise said...

Just noticed my picture is me holding gelato. I promised I'm not addicted!

Our Blog Spot said...

HEY! I'm so excited you commented, because now I haver your blog.

And I can stalk you.

Or we could be real friends, and then I don't have to stalk you? Hmmmmmmm. Either. Or.