Friday, June 26, 2009

A Turtle

Jill fact #1: I’ve got short legs. I don’t love this, but it’s okay. I’ve long ago accepted the fact that I could never be a runway model or an Olympic sprinter. And again, it’s okay. After all, models can’t eat and beauty fades and, well, the tortoise ultimately won the race, right?

So, Kenny and I have joined a co-ed softball team. Actually, I didn’t so much join the team as much as I was just signed up for it without my consent. (Thanks, Elise.)

Jill fact #2: team sports terrify me. Ever since I was mocked and humiliated during a game of kick ball in the fourth grade, I just haven’t exerted myself in that arena and obviously have no skills to show for it in my adulthood. While I’m active and somewhat coordinated, I prefer doing things where I am only accountable to me and I’d much rather do such things without an audience. (Even while snowboarding – something I can do reasonably well –, I still prefer to hang out near the rear of the pack.) I digress.

Last night was our first game. I played left center field (I think?), fielded a few balls, and even managed to avoid striking out. True, my hits never made it past the pitcher, and true, I never made it to first base, but I don’t think I made a total fool of myself (excluding the moment when I opted out of catching that fly ball headed right toward me).

So...yeah. I felt pretty good about it all. And, surprisingly, I even had fun.

Kenny called me at lunch today to rehash the game (which we lost by the way, but not terribly). In passing, he suggested I "work" on my sprints.

“Really? Do I look as slow as I feel?” I asked.

Silence. “I’m just saying that maybe you could benefit from some practice.”

Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just decorate my shirt to resemble a tortoise shell. It sounds like Kenny needs to be reminded that the slow and steady win the race.

(Oh - happy Friday!)


kristyn said...

How fun-- i love softball!! Can Jon and I play?

Elise said...

I love your post! I'm sorry that I had to force you to have fun. I knew you were better than you were letting me believe.