Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Party like you're 30

Email Correspondence: June 4, 2009:
Elise: "What are the plans this weekend? We want to celebrate Kenny?!" (Kenny was turning the big 3-0 that weekend)
Me: Ummmm. I'm planning on apologizing all weekend for being a lame wife for NOT planning anything. Seriously nothing. The whole thing stressed me out and I gave up."
Elise: What?! Well, let's have a party! We'll throw it here.
And because Elise is awesome and because she's one of the very few people with whom I feel comfortable enough to actually accept such a kind offer, we threw a party. Last minute. I solicited Amelia, Elise, and Nicole in my mass texting efforts and ordered a bunch of pizza and we threw a party. And despite only getting 1.5 days' notice a bunch of people showed up to celebrate my favorite 30-year old. And it was awesome.

Amelia and Mark Brooke set up an impromptu photo booth in the dining room. I'm loving the photos and only wish everyone who came had taken a turn posing for the camera. (Amelia and Mark didn't edit these photos - I did...kinda - so make sure to check out their blogs for some truly fantastic photography.)

Ian & Ashlyn (they're engaged, folks) started the party off. I think I have more pictures of Ian than anyone else that night.

DeAnne and Mark (aka Kenny's parents)
Kristyn, Henry, and Jill (with my framing)
Henry (and Jill...and me)
Jill and Jill...we wanted to see what it would look like if I were the tall one.
Amelia getting the booth all set up.
Freddy (one of Kenny's best friends since he was little), his wife Mandy, Me, and Kenny. (Yes, Freddy is licking Kenny's face. This was the only one suitable for a public blog.)

Preggos: Candice, Candice, Mandy
Candice and Mandy
Mark and Candice
Freddy and Mandy
Steve and Brit (I can't get pictures to load, but I have some great ones of Steve during the dart war looking simultaneously terrified and ecstatic. It's awesome.)

Jeff...and some sort of carbonated beverage.
Skyler and Ian
Nicole, Candice, Amelia

Me and Elise at the end of the night. I was sooo tired.
Skyler and Elise gave Kenny these imported, kinda dangerous, Nerf-like darts for Christmas after he became obsessed with their set. After a few hours of safe and civilized visiting, the darts came out and the women huddled together for protection while the boys waged war. I guarded the food in the kitchen. (If you were present for the first dart war around Thanksgiving, you'll remember why this is necessary. Cranberry cream pie and darts don't mix.) Don't the boys look like they're having fun? I wish I had a shot of the girls. I especially liked when one guy tried to use his pregnant wife as a shield.

Elise, Skyler, and Kenny take aim at Ian (for the camera)

Hudd and I shutting down the booth. I think I'm either exhausted at this point or was trying for my best "deer-in-the-headlights" look.

Thank Yous: Thank you DeAnne for the drinks and for birthing my favorite person 30 years ago, Skyler and Elise for being insane/awesome in welcoming all us into your home, Amelia and Mark for the photo booth, and THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING & PARTYING! I love you all. Kenny does, too.


Elise said...

Wow, these turned out great! I wish I wouldn't have waited until the end to be in a few pictures! I'm glad Kenny had a good time! And your cake was beyond delicious! I had almost forgotten how much I loved it! Let's find a reason to bake again soon!

Michael said...

I am now officially sad that I could not make it. My sadness was borderline there for a while but now it is over the edge. If I remember right I got the text on my way to Northern California for a funeral. This would have been a much better occasion to celebrate. There's always 31.

dressparty said...

You guys are fabulous and pretty darn perfect for each other - Hey and Thanks for posting one of the CRAZY pics of Kenny's parents - We do look cuter than that - ha ha ha - By the way the party was way fun and we loved being with all your friends too! I am glad I got to be Kenny;s mom after all these years - he is awesome!

Kat Clark said...

That was awesome! Makes me regret going to the dollar store for all of Michael's gifts on his 30th Birthday.

Candice said...

are you kidding me i look freakin huge standing next to those tiny prego girls! oh geez

Freddy and Mandy said...

I love you guys! Those turned out so great! I love how animated everyone is!! It was such a great time!

Erin | Adam said...

Thank you for posting these! They are so amazing. Sorry we couldn't make it. Happy belated bday Kenny.