Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My previous post included some photos of my sister, Anna, on a recent Girls' Trip to San Francisco. For three days my mom, two sisters, and I ate, shopped, walked, rode public transportation (just like the good ol' days when we lived in Boston), posed for photos, chased the trolley, ate, visited museums, rode carousels, and ate some more. My cousin, Jen, who lives close to the city met us for a day.

It was so fun.

Here's some (okay, a ton) of photos. Warning: it was the little sisters' first trip to San Fransisco, so we were hard-core tourists on this trip.

On our way through Golden Gate Park to the De Young Museum we happened across this amazing play ground and carousel. Of course we had to ride it. (Also, there were signs everywhere saying we couldn't be on the playground without the accompaniment of children. Not wanting to be mistaken for pedophiles, we obeyed.) Here Jen demonstrates her mad acrobat skills. The Carousel conductor was not amused. He also wasn't impressed when she hung upside down from her chosen steed. There was some discussion of insurance and potential injuries...I wasn't totally listening.
Sister Becca...
Oh, blessed subway... L.A.'s just doesn't measure up. I dream of the day I no longer have to drive. (Becca and Anna)
Anna dominated my point and shoot camera all weekend, which was cool; I actually made it into some shots...albeit just barely in this case.
Happy to finally be on the bus after several attempts to locate the correct stop.
So much to see in the city...apparently I'm concerned about something.
Becca, Mom, Anna on Pier 39, not to be mistaken for Pier 49 - the pizza place I worked at for a year or so during high school (It was really good pizza...) Waiting for the trolley to paradise (i.e. Ghirardelli Square - chocolate!)
Enjoying the ocean's bounty at fisherman's wharf. (One lucky transient got to enjoy the remainders of my calamari. Aren't I generous?)
Sisters (at Lombard Street. Yeah, we were total tourists.)
We were fortunate to see both the Warhol Live and the Yves St. Laurent exhibits at the De Young. Outside the museum, I'm dreaming of wild parties and couture.
Becca got all the height in the family. Thus, she is a natural model.
My family has a tendency to make goofy faces and weird poses...unprompted. Oh well. (In front of the ferry building where I satisfied my craving for french macarons.)
Here's me in the process of taking the above picture.
Ah, mother.
La mer et ma mere. (translation: the sea and my mother.) She grew up in Southern California but is currently land-locked in Utah. Here she takes a moment to breath in the Pacific. (at Fisherman's Wharf)

I'm sure I'll post more... be warned.


Elise said...

All of your look so much alike and are all gorgeous! Your sisters look like they had a great time. Please do post more pictures! It will satisfy my desire to visit for now.

Kat Clark said...

How fun! I am jealous of your fabulous girls adventure. You are so pretty. Sigh.