Thursday, March 12, 2009

The post with lots o' links (and Side Notes)

Awww. Check it out: my little broski made it out to party with the Mammoth Men.  It was his birthday - the big 24 - on Monday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN! Side note #1: how awesome is it that Kenny called Ryan on Monday, not to wish him a happy day (because Kenny forgot), but to invite him out to party.  I think Kenny made it up to him though.  (Nate Kaiser of The Image is Found set up his epic Crazybooth at the party for these photos.  All sorts of shenanigans ensued.)

Here's Ryan...I'm glad his eyes are closed.
Side note #2: These darts were a Christmas gift to Kenny from Skyler and Elise.  I can't even begin to tell you how badly he wanted these.  Good to see they're getting some good use in Park City this week. I warn you, these are not safe-for-children darts.  They are fast and they hurt.  The first time we used them one guy ended up in his underwear covered in welts and someone else almost lost an eye. (Sorry about that, Ashlyn.  I really wasn't even aiming for your face.) Moving on. 

My favorite artist, Colt Bowden, also showed up to party, and brought along his cutie girlfriend, Abi. (Side note #3: I've never read about two people more smitten with each other than these two.  WOW.) Side note #4: check out Colt's art here or here or buy some for yourself here.  He's amazing.  Seriously. Ah-MAZE-ing. 
Side note #5: I really miss Kenny.  (But I'm glad he's having fun.)

I just hope he comes back whole...


Elise said...

Your brother has quite the stache. Kenneth (30 Rock) would not approve.

cJb said...

Rad to the Raddest of Rad!!! Thanks Jill!

Diana said...

Wow, Ryan is so grown up! How are you? I just found your blog through Jessica. Where are you working?