Monday, March 9, 2009

Mammoth Men 4

Remember last year when Kenny went on a snowboarding trip to Mammoth with a bunch of professional photographers?  And because Kenny was the only non-photographer he became the model and I got all sorts of fantastic photos of him?  Well the crew is at it again - this time to Park City, UT.  The vacation has morphed from a quick guys trip to a sponsored event with its own official site where everyone can follow The Mammoth Men during their trip. Make sure you check it out; in addition to viewing great photography, you might even  get a chance to win some rad stuff.

Here's some of today's shots of Kenny. I might be a little biased, but I think he's pretty dreamy...
Shots directly above and below taken by Mark Brooke.
Of course Kenny had to get in on this action (from left: Hudd, Mark, and Kenny; photo by Nate Kaiser).
Again, check out - it's guaranteed to provide entertainment, or at least a fun break in your day.  (And check out some of their sponsors - there's some great companies and products listed.)

That's all - I'm done plugging their trip.  

Okay, I'm probably not done, but I am going to bed now ('cause someone's gotta get up early and go to work to pay the bills!). Good night!


JohnSharpePhotography said...

Crazy, your hubs is in Mammoth Men. I checked their website the other day and saw one of the guys was 'Kenny Brady'. It made me wonder if it was your Kenny. After doing my own little CSI - Google style, I discovered it was. That's cool. I follow Mark and Amelia Lyon's photography and was pleasantly surprised to see the connections. Sorry for the rambling, that's just cool!

JohnSharpePhotography said...

Ok, sorry for the additional post. My CSI work continued. I had no idea that Amelia is your sister-in-law. Is that right? BTW, I meant Justin not Mark. Wow, I best go now.