Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gimme some white powder

Not that kind of white powder! This kind"
Movie Clip: "Better Off Dead" (As if you didn't know. And if you really didn't know, well, shame on you.)

So I have to say this winter has been good to me. The season started early, I got all new gear (thanks Santa/husband!), and I've had powder day, after powder day, after powder day. And it's only mid February. Doesn't get much better than that!

Here's some photos of the last trip to Mammoth. We were able to meet up with Skyler and Elise who were there with Skyler's boss and his family. A weekend with Skyler and Elise always makes the trip more fun (especially seeing Elise kill it on the hill!). The amazing omelet I had at The Mill and the buffalo burger Kenny got at Burgers Burgers made it even better. Being able to crash Skyler's boss' amazing cabin for free was icing on the cake.

(Me and Elise - in her much beloved, ultra warm turtle fur neck warmer.)
Me, Kenny, and Jeff (Skyler's Boss' nephew / aka an Alex Keaton from "Family Ties" reincarnate, only an awesome snowboarder with good style. I liked him. I also really like my orange pants and lime green coat.)

I think I need a fix of pure snow. The withdrawals are starting to kill me.

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Elise said...

No kidding! With all of this rain (and snow), we should not be sitting in cold offices, dreaming of snow and good food.