Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Quest for COLD continues...

Last weekend Mammoth, this weekend ice skating.

The Crew: Will, Jenn, Kenny, Elise, Skyler, and Jill, (not pictured; I was busy rekindling my love for my camera.)
Elise: anxious to get on the ice and show us how it's done.
Will is really, really happy to be ice skating with his cute wife.
Despite what this picture suggests, Jenn pulled this off. 
Awwww, newly-weds...and Elise.
Where's Kenny?
I'm not even going to comment.
Shoulda been pro. (I swear I didn't impale that kid, but I got close.)
Jenn's been taking Ballet. Can you tell?
I have nothing to say on this, other than it makes me laugh every time I flip through this series. 
"Give me two weeks of training, and I could be better than any of those guys out there" - Skyler Wallace 11/22/08
Jenn harnesses the light.
Elise and her man.  And some Jowling action.

Warrior (kinda). Thanks yoga.

Thanks Skyler & Elise and Jenn & Will for the fun evening!


Meikel said...

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your blog? Well I do . . . immensely.

jenn said...

great post, great photographer, we had so much fun!!!! more adventures soon i hope.

Erin | Adam said...

I totally just had a dream that I was ice skating!

Elise said...

Great times! I love Skyler's face in the pic where he is "twirling" me...he looks so happy! I really enjoy the cold now. And it's supposed to rain tonight! Yippee!

Allison Tiek said...

Impressive extension, Jill. However, when I first saw that picture of you and Kenny, I thought it was your friend Jenn...with Kenny. And Kenny's hand... and then I remember that you have a cute red coat as well and I zoomed up on the picture to confirm that it was indeed you. :)