Friday, November 21, 2008

Chemistry 101: for a good time

2am bedtime + 5am alarm + 8 hour workday + the standard “not in the mood to work because it’s Friday” sentiment = bad.

However, if it's necessary to see her...

...well, count me in. Because fun company (them, them, and them and Ashlyn) + great music + amazing performers + fabulous venue = good. Very, very good. And last night was very good. Even if today is bad.

Other highlights of the show included the following:

  • A general “bitchiness” among the crowd.
  • A certain girl in front of me who was determined to fight someone.
  • The guy who didn’t appreciate a Certain Girl blocking his girlfriend’s exit and decided to slap said Certain Girl
  • Ashlyn “letting her hair down” and later vowing to be meaner
  • The token Frat Boys and Dirty Girls who somehow always show up at these sorts of shows, even though they seem horribly out of place and uncomfortable/awkward the whole night. (Well, I should clarify that the Frat Boys seem awkward. The Dirty Girls consistently get super drunk and manage to dance, flaunt their oversized boobs, and tease their peroxide loaded hair simultaneously before puking against a wall or all over themselves before the set ends. Classy.)
  • Man cleavage. Lot’s of man cleavage. Thanks LA hipster boys for being so consistently uniform in your American Apparel deep v-neck tees. It wouldn’t be the same without you.
  • The girl to my right that wedged her way into the middle of “our group” and then proceeded to sweat profusely all over my arm while standing completely still. (Seriously, how does one not dance even a little?! It’s The Sounds for goodness’ sake!)
  • My cute husband dancing, jumping, and singing (yelling?) along
  • the revamped Palladium
  • Kenny being refused admittance to a 7-11 restroom after being thoroughly looked up and down by the night manager (for real)
  • driving directly across the street to a Chevron so my husband could relieve his bladder
  • The Sounds pretty much killing it. Awesome.
Adam, Erin, Ashlyn, Elise, Skyler, Jill, Kenny (not pictured: Jeff and Nicole)


Ashley said...

A concert is always worth a bad day at work. Saturday night I am going to see Of Montreal at the Palladium. I have never been there, but it looks like an amazing place!

Glad you had a great time at the show.

Kat Clark said...

I am jealous because I really love The Sounds and because I miss those dirty concert days. Sounds like a blast! Do me a favor and wait a long long long time to have kids so I can continue to live vicariously through you. :)