Friday, September 12, 2008


Hurry and head over to Stephmodo and enter for your chance to win a $40 gift card to Geela's Etsy shop. (And leave Steph some blog lovin for holding the giveaway!) And be sure to check out all Geela's recently sold items - aren't they beautiful? That's what one can expect when two of the sweetest, most talented, creative girls I know get together to make stuff. Enjoy!
By the way, Mr. Colt is responsible for those awesome photos. Go Colt!
Also, don't Jill, Julia, and Emily make beautiful models? I like having pretty and creative friends/family. Call me shallow, but I still like it.

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heather said...

i also love having pretty & creative friends. especially when i have a baby and get to reap the benefits of their creativity!