Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A few things

Thing #1

So a few weekends ago, an old friend from high school (Jessica) came down to take some pictures for work and Kenny and I agreed to "model" for some stock photography. Really we would have agreed to much more just to hang out with her. We spent the day lounging around her dad's amazing place in San Juan Capistrano: laying out by the pool, swimming, eating good food, and exploring the grounds. It was really fun to see her! If anyone is in the Provo area this weekend (or the rest of this month) she's showing some of her more artistic stuff at Gallery OneTen (110 South 300 West). She's super-talented and it would be well worth your time. You can also check out her blog here.

Thing #2:

I love good food. LOVE it. This place (Landmark: on PCH in Corona Del Mar) has it. Cool atmosphere, great decor, and FANTASTIC food. Three words: Chilean Sea Bass. Order it and enjoy the food orgasm. It's that good. (Plus they have some a great looking menu. Thanks, Scott and Sarah, for the invite, great company, and delightful meal.)

Thing #3

How is it that Xanadu is one of my mother's all time favorite movies and it took me 24.9 years to experience it? I know my mom has tried her best, but she utterly failed in this matter. Roller skates, Neon Lights, Singing/Dancing, Olivia Newton John staring WITH Gene Kelly...seriously. The perfect recipe for awesome. I have a sudden urge to see it on Broadway. Then again, I'll use any excuse I can to visit New York. (Once again, thanks go to Sarah and Julia for correcting my childhood depravity and watching it with me. By the way, Julia can sing along to every song on this movie. Talented? You have no idea.)

Thing #4

These two crazy kids (Steve and Britt) are a pretty good time. I'd recommend you hang out with them if you are in the L.A. area, like Korean food, and enjoy dry humor. Also, if your lucky, Britt might teach you come great ab exercises. I busted out a yoga mat on Hollywood Blvd. (at Cantaloop right by the Kodak Theatre) and she showed me some moves that will (hopefully) flatten and sculpt my mid-section. I say hopefully because I love sugar. Remember, she showed me the moves while getting frozen yogurt.

Anyway, Steve and Britt were the perfect dates to attend this:

That's right. Point. Break. LIVE. So much fun. As a testament to Keanu Reeve's superior acting abilities, an audience member is selected to play Keanu's role as Johnny Utah. Because Keanu just makes you feel as though you too can act. (At least as well as Keanu). Thanks Keanu.

If your in Hollywood on a Friday/Saturday, check this performance out at the DragonFly. It's so much fun. I won't say too much else (don't want to spoil it), but I'd recommend buying the "survival kit." Fake blood can be kind of sticky.


Anonymous said...

We are so honored to be featured on such a well read blog. I bet that kid's skateboard will be worth something now.

ruth said...

I wish I came over to watch Xanadu. Great movie, totally underrated.

jennrocket said...

i love the photos of you guys! awesome :)

Freddy and Mandy said...

I looooove Xanadu! I grew up on that ****! I'm so glad you've joined the fan club of the Olivia/Electric Light Orchestra brilliance! In fact I listened to the whole soundtrack this weekend and my cousins were dying because I knew every word! Good taste, Jill.