Friday, March 21, 2008

Yeah for Branding!

Wow - two family posts in a row! Well, I thought I'd publicly congratulate Amelia and Hudd on their new site, blog, and amazing branding (build with the aid of the ever talented Scott Windes). I'm pretty sure anyone reading this either is family, or knows Amy and Hudd fairly well, so this is probably old news, but if a rare stranger stumbles across this blog, I'll first explain that Amy and Hudd are some first rate photographers. History: Kenny and I asked Hudd to shoot our wedding while he was still at Art Center. He agreed (although I know it really stressed him out), and with Amy's help we got some pretty amazing photos - and $aved a bundle; thanks again, guys! Anyway, in assisting Hudd, Amy decided to pursue photography professionally and has since developed into the ever-amazing, mind-blowing, beautiful photographer she is and as of yesterday she finally got her new site up and running. It's been in the works for quite some time, but she's a perfectionist (which is probably why her photos are so stunning) so it's taken awhile to get everything just right. So be sure to check out the links to the right, and get ready for some eye-candy like you've never seen. (Unless of course, you already have.) Congrats again, guys, it looks sooooo good and I can't wait for our next shoot.


Bryce & Sarah said...

You must have Candida or Yeast issues. Weird coinscidence, i was recently told to also stay away from corn and bakers/brewers yeast and dairy...Lame! So, we can be allergy food buddies. No more food for us! :(

lyndsey + brandon said...

LOL whats your email address