Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't Be Frightened...

So, I realized that I talk a lot about Kenny and I, but seldom do I mention our families, particularly mine. Well my little brother recently had a birthday and I thought I could give him a formal introduction here. His name is Jeffrey Ryan Nielsen (a.k.a. Ryan). He lives in Provo, UT and works at a mental hospital where he has had the opportunity to collect some amazing (and often disturbing and gross) stories. He's an upstanding young man who enjoys philosophical discussion, occasional forays into vegetarianism, and (heterosexual) time spent with his roommate, Adam, who is apparently our dad's distant cousin. Ryan's interesting, nice, funny, personable, and slightly off-beat/eccentric, which I LOVE. As a testament to his goodness, I used to make him wear dresses and call him Maria, but he forgave me, I think. I'd say we're pretty good friends overall.

Anyway, I was at a movie on Friday night when I got a text from Ryan:

"I just dropped it like it's hot on Leslie Hall."

That's it. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the awesome-ness that is Leslie Hall, I highly recommend you watch "Gem Sweater" on YouTube.) Well Ryan and Adam had the privilege of attending Leslie's show in Utah and got "up close and personal with the performer," hence the text message. Awesome.

Ryan, I was going to get you your very own gem sweater for your birthday, but it looks like you beat me to it. While the sweater isn't as good as the dresses I used to make you wear, it looks pretty good. I'm glad you had a good time with Leslie Hall, and Happy (belated) Birthday. Love you!

Ryan, Leslie Hall, and Adam

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Elise said...

Wow! What a picutre! I remember her as more timid.