Sunday, February 24, 2008

A bangin' good weekend

Friday I went on a little date with Kenny. I love when he actually "asks me out" (even via text message). I spent the afternoon in anticipation flirting with him (again via text as we were both at work) looking forward to an evening of solo time with him. I love spending time with friends, but it's nice to go on a formal "date" with him occasionally. We caught an early showing of Be Kind, Rewind (entertaining, cute, and visually creative and interesting) and then with our remaining $3 in cash got an Orange Bang from The Hat. I love orange bangs...they're like drinking a dreamsicle (or 50-50 Bar, depending on where you grew up). It was an early evening, but fun all the same.

Saturday morning found me at the gym trying to burn some calories in anticipation of the baby shower I was attending later that morning. Mission accomplished - i didn't even indulge in the homemade toffee scones! The Bushman's have three kids already and Erika & Ben are truly inspiring parents. Super patient, fun and great teachers. We joined them one evening a while ago for their Family Home Evening where they had their two older kids (ages 10 and 8ish) reenact the parable of the talents. i got a glimpse of their excellent parenting when Ben reviewed a previous lesson.

Ben: "What's a talent? In this story it's like money. Do you remember what we should do with our money?"
Reeve: "Put it in the bank, like in savings."
Ben: "Right; do you remember why that's important?"
Gwenie: "So we can make more money! And we never know when we'll need it."

Like I said, amazing parenting. Anyway, I'm excited that they're bringing another child into the world. It's always nice when cool, good people are the ones procreating.

Later that day we got to witness the baptism of Dana Nixon. She's been investigating the Church for a little over a month and decided to follow Christ and be baptized. It was a sweet thing to witness. As a ward missionary, it's been cool (and often humbling) to be so involved with the investigators and we've had some wonderful additions to our ward over the last few years. I'm excited to see her continue to progress and enjoy the blessings of the gospel.

After that we joined Skyler & Elise and Bryce & Sarah for some good dinner, some K1 go-cart racing (where I came in dead last) and some Yogurt Land goodness. In all, not a bad weekend.

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Bryce & Sarah said...

I love how you describe your days! You're so cute.
It was fun hanging out with you guys again last weekend.
Bryce can't stop talking about yogurt land.