Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rock City

So my cousin recently told of a rock climbing excursion she took for her birthday and then I found some great pictures of rock rock climbing was on the brain this weekend. While we didn't make it on Saturday as planned (we got side tracked with some sushi and surround sound action at Skyler and Elise's instead) we did make it to Rock City in Anaheim Hills on Monday night with Nicole and Jeff Thompson (Kenny's sister and bro-in-law.) It was SOOOO fun...and quite the work out! My arms are still like noodles. I (as always) took way too many pictures, so enjoy!

Kenny at the top (great pose)-

Jeff The Climber-

Kenny & Jeff -

Kenny, the silhouette (stretch those legs!)-

In addition to the climbing walls was this narrow tunnel that went inside one of the main structures. After crawling through in the pitch dark there was a pole going straight up to the ceiling and then more tunnels. It was (again) super narrow and dark the whole time. So fun! Nicole and I took awhile to get through it, but made it!

Here's Nicole (at the entrance)

We're in that little hole way up at the top -

We made it!

Yeah, we thought we were pretty tough.

I did do some actual climbing -

So did Nicole (Kenny and Jeff were really into it)

Even at the top of the wall, Nicole will pose for the camera...

...but she'll also get down and dirty to get a good picture of someone else.

Thanks again for coming with us, Nicole and Jeff! It was so fun (and we would highly recommend it to others)!


Jefrey & Nicole Thompson said...

Amazing! Your photos are 10x better than mine! Yes, my arms are definitely killing me still as well! Jeff and I are craving to go back, we should make it a regular thing! sorry about the back shot of yourself.... don't worry I think you have a cute Butt!

Jefrey & Nicole Thompson said...

how did you do it!?? you need to teach me how to put all my friends on my blog! please help!

Chad said...

That looked super fun. You are like Sporty Spice and Kenny is like Wolf on American Gladiators. What a great couple.

Chad said...

Wait, this is Caitlin, I forgot to sign out of Chad's ID. Oopsies.

Skyler & Elise said...

Next time we won't have to be jealous because we will be there!

Michelle said...

Jill I love the pics, as usual! Way to go on the rock climbing--it's so fun! I need to try your place it looks a lot more elaborate.