Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cousins (and appeasing Magga)

My mother-in-law really wanted a photo with all her grandkids in Christmas attire. So, before we all made our way out to the Mission Inn in Riverside to see the lights, we gathered the kiddos and Amelia took a few shots. Lola's eyes are closed in most of them (thanks to a blinding camera flash) and Lucy kept trying to make a break for it. Good times.

From Left to Right: Lucy, "Magga," Monroe, Hudson, Sloan, "Krappa," and Lola

In the end, Magga got her photo. :)

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dressparty said...

Oh so cute - Thanks Jill for going along with my "Christmas attire" picture - It was truly fun to watch those babies facial expressions - I just love them to pieces! Love you kids too - MOM & "Magga"