Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Lola

First things first - THANK YOU all for the congratulatory comments! We're excited and hopeful and trying to enjoy our remaining time as a family of three. We don't yet know the gender (and are still debating if we will find out this time). Any guesses? Lola's been really into baby dolls lately and I'm using it as an opportunity to prep her on proper behavior around real babies. So far, she's a natural nurturer and I'm confident she's going to make a great big sister.

Speaking of Lola...
Here's the Halloween photos of Sweet Dee...she was a Candy Corn if you couldn't tell. Thecostume was really easy (no pattern even) and I LOVED how it turned out. Fortunately, there were a few parties we attended so the costume got a lot of use.

The first event was our nephew, Sloan's, birthday party - a costume bash appropriately. These first two photos were (of course) taken by Sloan's mom, Amelia Lyon. Below, Lola and her cousin, Lucy, share a balloon. I love that Lola has a cousin just 12 days older than her. The two girls are so much fun together, and Lucy is the funniest girl I've met. Lola's really lucky to have her.
(PS, Nicole and I have a pretty good themed costume idea for these two for next year. It's gonna be awesome.)

Then Halloween - the actual day - came. And by dinner time, I was ready to trade Lola for a Jack O Lantern, straight up. She was NOT a fun girl. But, for the sake of the holiday, we joined up with the Lyons anyway for some pumpkin carving and trick or treating.

Lola didn't care much for the pumpkins. Of course. I was super bummed.
But Hudson and his dad were much more enthusiastic about the project, and so it was still fun.

And then came trick or treating. An HOUR after her bedtime on what had already been a rough day. I braced myself for the worst and planned on doing two or three houses, max. And then the girl totally redeemed herself. She was excited, and, well, adorable the whole time. We ended up doing way more homes that I planned on, just because it was the first time all day she was any fun. She laughed at every house and every other trick or treater. She was sure to wave "Bye" to everyone she saw and sprinted (which looks so funny with her short legs and ghetto booty) to each house.
In short...It was a great day.


Kory said...

I'm guessing a boy. Mostly just because you make such beautiful girls, I want to see what your boys will look like. Congratulations! That's really exciting. Good luck Kenny, the 2nd seems to be the biggest adjustment for the dad.

Bek said...

she's perfection confection.