Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Photos - Thanksgiving 2011

Guess what?! My family actually has a decent photo! Of all of us! I think the last one we got was at my wedding. 8+ years ago. Sometime after Thanksgiving dinner and before the turkey coma set in, we ventured out across the street into the cold for some impromptu family photos. Huge thanks to cousin Tyson for taking these! Needless to say, my mom is pretty stoked to have a photo with all of us in it WITH all our eyes open.

I grabbed a few of the parents. Awwww....

My Dad turned 50 the day after Thanksgiving. However, he's still very much a kid at heart. He's not a huge fan of being photographed (that's a huge understatement), but he obliged. However he did have us do a few goofy the next few demonstrate.

Kenny looks extra "fabulous" in this one.
Lola loved this part.
And we allowed ourselves to be photographed with half our members in a tree.
And while we were there, we figured why not burn off some of that Thanksgiving dinner and play at the park for a bit.
Ryan demonstrates a proper "planking" photo.
Lola loves the seesaw - with whomever will take her on it.

And of course, what kid doesn't love being swung in the air?

I do wish that I had pulled her pant cuffs back down at some point, but oh well.
After photos we returned to our extended family to find this dude watching us from the window. Best photo of the session, in my opinion.
Happy Thanksgiving! Happy 50th, Dad! oh, and congrats to my two sisters who both got their braces off yesterday - one week after family photos. :)

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Melissa Tiek said...

Love this pics. That pic of your parents in between the swings is so cute! And I always think Evie is getting so much hair until I see a little girl like Lola...and I realize that she still doesn't have much hair...