Saturday, June 11, 2011


It may just be me, but it feels like Saturdays have become a day of non-stop eating. Ugh.

On the plus side, we've had some pretty great weekends. Kenny won all three baby-sitting auctions at our church's recent fundraiser which means we've been going on some fun dates every week. On the day of the supposed rapture we celebrated my brother-in-law's graduation from college and saw Yelle play at the Music Box in LA. Both were awesome. Jeff is the very first person to graduate college in his family. As the daughter of a college professor, attending and graduating college was a given; I never even considered doing anything else. So to be the very first in one's family to do so... wow. I was super impressed and proud of him. Congrats, Jeff. F'reals.

Yelle was wonderful as usual. I loved her french accent when she'd yell out "It's the end of the world!!!" and wished the entire time I could dance like her. Or at least that I lacked the inhibition that keeps me from even trying. In another life I'm going to kill it on the dance floor.

Other events included the Yo Gabba Gabba art show (which was packed so full of hipsters that it was almost comical*), yummy dinners, good movies (I loved Midnight in Paris and really enjoyed the new X-men), the Team Davy benefit, and a few BBQs. And tomorrow the Husband and I are dropping Sweet Dee at grandma's and spending the night in Palm Springs for a mini-anniversary getaway (eight years! Yikes!).

Word is that we got hooked up with a suite at the Ace. I'm really excited.
In other good news, Trader Joe's just started offering their "tree-ripened peaches" (a seasonal item I've been anxiously waiting for over the last month or so). My taste buds did a happy dance and then I bought two boxes. One may not last us through the night.

*The kind of hipsters that are trying REALLY hard. Does anyone (besides Elise) watch "Happy Endings" ever? If you do, there's an episode where Max teaches Penny how to be a hipster so she can date one ... so funny. And pretty spot on actually. The best line: "all those [weird] things you like? He likes them ironically."

UPDATE: lest anyone go thinking my life has been all rainbows and unicorns...I also cleaned an obscene amount of poop out of an otherwise empty bathtub this morning and fished some books out of the toilet this afternoon. Both tasks also required thoroughly washing the hands of a cute, but guilty one-year-old. This stage is fun.


jenn (+ will) said... this post :) miss you guys.

Emily said...

We love Happy Endings! And that episode is hilarious. Glad you've been having fun and Happy Anniversary. John and I are at 7 years this month.