Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Business Casual - a new low.

I believe I've documented my abhorrence of "Business Casual Friday" (here). Basically I maintain that the combination of dress slacks and Hawaiian shirts is the 8th deadly sin. You can then imagine my horror when my company took this to a new level at its most recent officers' meeting. Some context first: there was some sort of rock and roll theme. (I didn't bother with the particulars as I wasn't invited. It was only for SVPs and up and I'm just a lowly AVP. But I digress.) Anyway, a memo went out stating that the meeting would be business casual, particularly no jeans allowed; however, to go with the theme, all attendees were to wear their favorite rock band tee shirt. So...think business slacks, dress shoes, and concert tees.

Some higher ranking officers, of course, wore their suit coats, too. You know, to class it up. Or something. (I took the high road and erased his face to protect him from potential embarassment. That, and I didn't really want to get Dooced for posting this. Because, you know, my bosses totally read this blog. Wink.)

I'm actually sad I wasn't required to attend this.

Okay, not really.

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