Monday, November 22, 2010

Accomplishment of my day (thus far):

I used the word “malaise” in a sentence for the first time ever (written OR spoken). The bigger accomplishment is that, for some reason, the word just popped into my head. There was no deliberate effort to incorporate said word, it just happened.

You know I’m desperate to feel like I’m actually accomplishing things when this is what I’ve got to show for myself.

(Insert a sigh.)

I am hopeful, however. Notice the title of this post includes the parenthetical “thus far.” So, wish me luck that by the end of today I’ll have earned bragging rights for something more significant.

That’s all.

Wait – I just though of something! I can always brag about the accomplishment of friends – it’s my favorite thing to do! Yesterday, our friend Skyler raced in his first FULL Ironman competition – and finished with a very respectable time, no less. I’d be lying if I said Kenny and I weren’t following his progress ALL day yesterday (which includes the three hours spent in church meetings). We wanted to be there, cheering him on, but hopefully he got the encouraging vibes we were sending his way all day.

Congrats, Skyler! You are amazing.

And now I’m done for real this time.


Emily said...

Congrats, malaise is a wonderful word. It is very descriptive!

Bek said...

skyler is kind of amazing.

you are too.

Robin said...

first, Congrats Skyler! Second, Jill i went to Babies r us and had sooo much fun picking out baby food for Rose! We did spend something like an hour there (ok that does include a potty break and 20 mins trying to find the spoon lids!) but it was quite an exciting trip. And the best part was it was free! (kind of) I found a gift card with money on it!