Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mammoth in the Summer

So I had intended to post photos of The Girl in her Halloween costume...she went as Tiger Lily or rather the whitest Native American since Dances with Wolves. And she was really cute. Unfortunately, we didn't get her in her costume in time to get good photos...seriously, they're all horrible. I'll try again later (although she really HATED putting her wig on).

Anyway, here's some good photos from our last-minute Labor Day trip with the Brewers to Mammoth. Per usual, we drove up there Sunday morning at 3am to give ourselves a full day without having to deal with traffic or pay for another night in a hotel. Someday we'll have a place up there...some day.

The weekend was super fun - hiking, canoeing, malt-eating, gondola riding, etc. And a run in with a bear (keep reading for that story). We were stoked that the Brewers were up for the trip, which again was "planned" just hours before we left.

It looks so different when it's not covered in snow.

We have photos next to this post in the middle of winter...and our heads hit just below the sign. Mammoth gets LOTS of snow. Oh, I miss it. Given that I spent last year's season pregnant, I'm counting down the days until we can snowboard. Anyone want to babysit a really cute baby?

After our hikes we felt we had earned malts at Burgers. Keilana may have been the most excited for this. I don't have a photo, but she proceeded to grab one of the cups and tilt it completely upside down into her mouth. (Thank goodness the malts are super thick and didn't spill.)

How cute is Keilana? I'm pretty sure she would have jumped right into the (FREEZING cold) lake had Paul/Kristi not kept a firm hold of her.

This rock was the perfect place to stretch out after the hike. We all took turns.
The hike wore Keilana out...riding in a back pack is hard work.
Lola did great (as usual) and slept most of the hike.

I'll end the photos with this one...our hike was delayed when our girl decided to EXPLODE. So, so gross.
Now for the story...

We retired to our rooms pretty early as everyone was pretty beat and Paul had some studying and Kenny had some work to do. To get the Internet Kenny had to go to the motel lobby. This proved difficult when he opened the door and was cornered by a raccoon. Note: Kenny's deathly afraid of possums and raccoons are a close enough varmint to freak him out by association. Every time he opened the door the raccoon got closer and looked ready to dart right in. For real. I didn't believe him, but when I opened the door the ugly thing was less than a foot away. Anyway, Kenny was keeping watch waiting for a chance to break free. He suddenly looked puzzled. Then concerned. He cracked open the door and then slammed it and started fumbling with the deadbolt. He looked at me with equal terror and excitement and whispered/yelled, "There's a BEAR out THERE!"

And there was.

Just feet from our room on the second floor, mind you. It was rummaging through some garbage can. We again slammed and locked our door and proceeded to freak out. I then called 911 but somehow got connected with the front desk person who was totally unfazed by the situation. Eventually the bear sauntered off and Kenny was able to go down and get his work done.

Fun times. Thanks again, Brewers, for coming. The trip was awesome and I can't wait to go back. Soon. VERY soon!

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Lady Wordsmith said...

Great post :) Those pictures are stunning - my goodness, I wish I lived close to a place like that. The Lake District over here (UK) is beautiful, but on a much smaller scale.

I think it's wonderful that having your Girl hasn't stopped you from getting out and doing things - a lot of people put their lives on hold when they have children, which doesn't make much sense to me. What can be better for children than for fresh air and exercise and enjoying life to be normal. You are fantastic parents!