Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Dear Universe,

You played dirty this morning and dealt some low blows. Nonetheless, I'm calling "uncle." Now play nice.


UPDATE: The Universe and I are no longer speaking.


kristi said...

oh dang whatever it was that sucks. Yesterday my train's engine went out I was stuck on the train less than 2 miles from fullerton for 45 minutes, then it went backwards so we could wait for another train to pick us up, ugh my commute home ended up being over 2 hours. Then today paul left for school early I was going to ride my bike to drop kei off and then to the train station, my tire was flat and it was drizzling. - so i said whatever and am working from home today.

hope your day turns around !!

Madi said...

Don't you love those days? If it makes you feel any better, your being missed in Logan. (you and your baby.) (and I guess Kenny too) :)

Amy said...

Me too me too! I spent all my time today printing 600+ double sided pages and then when I went to have them cut, the stupid girl cut them wrong and they are all wasted. Now I have to start all over, not to mention pay for her mistake!

So sorry you are not having a good day.