Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank You

To everyone who has congratulated us and has said such complementary thing about our girl…thanks. Seriously. I try not to gush too much over her (to others), so thanks for being so nice when I cave.

And to Diana (who asked) the bonnet in the photo below was made by my great-grandmother along with a matching sweater. However, she died before completing it, so my grandmother finished it and then made the matching blanket. My mom made the dress and bloomers. Not shown are some cute eyelet espadrilles gifted from Kenny's mom.

This was her blessing outfit. Thankfully we had these heirlooms to make the outfit special as there was no way Lola would have fit into my dress (given that I was one when I was blessed). I’ll admit, Lola Dee was four months when we finally got her blessed (although the photo below was taken just after she turned five months). We just wanted our families to be there and it took awhile. We got most of them, but missed those that weren’t able to make it. The blessing itself was sweet and intimate. Kenny did a good job. After much reflection, I’ll just say that it was sweet in its simplicity; it was focused and to-the-point while covering all the important stuff. I hope one day she’ll be able to say that same sentence about her life as a whole.

I hope to post some more photos of the actual blessing day whenever Kenny let’s me use our computer. (He’s been a very busy boy.)


rookie cookie said...

A bit of Ethan trivia: He wasn't blessed until he was 3.

heather said...

i thought that was a blessing day photo. she is so cute jill. you don't have to apologize for gushing. at least not to me. i absolutely love lola updates.

allegra said...

don't apologize for gushing! those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. (thanks for the quote dr. seuess.) i used to stress about what other people thought of me posting a gazillion pics of my kids but i stopped giving a crap what others think. i like it. my family likes to see them since they're far away, and it's a great way to keep a journal.

i love the lola pictures/updates. she is a beauty! and how fun and special that she's wearing some stuff made by loved ones.