Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The following (good-natured) conversation occurred this morning.

Boss: Hey! How's it going? Are you liking your new office?
(side note: I have a real office now, by the way. The kind with four walls and a door.)You're hard to find now. I can't just be walking by any more; I have to come all the way over here specifically to chat with you.

Me: The office is nice, but fess up. You were just walking by.

Boss: alright, you got me. I was looking for P. Anyway, you hangin' in there alright?

Me: Yeah…I guess. But as much as I like spending all day with you folks, my girl is still way cooler.

Boss: Yeah, well. I’m sure that’s true. Someday she’ll appreciate your efforts to have a career. Actually, my wife and I were talking about the moms with daughters in our neighborhood that have been stay-at-home moms. Their daughters just seem so unmotivated, you know? Their plan is to just marry a rich guy and never work.

Me (smirking): Um…you live in Newport. (Boss smirks back at me.) So that may have less to do with the fact that those moms stayed home and more with the mom herself. My guess is that trophy wives don’t always make for great mothers. But that’s just a thought.

Boss (smiling): ha! Okay, you’re right. Just trying to help you feel better about your being here.

Me: Thanks for trying.

Is it Friday yet?


Tyler Jorgenson said...

Kenny always said you were his trophy wife and something tells me you're a great mother.

kristi said...

hmm I always try to imagine your really impressive career and having your own office. I mean I am just a grunt on a big ladder in a small cube - go figure.

So mammoth I was on a blogging roll last night catching up on so much and I totally got to mammoth and was going to blog about it and thought hmmm the brady's always edit their pictures way better than I, so I should make them a CD of the raw images first - so thats my reason for not blogging our awesome trip. So patience I guess - my plan is this weekend to get you a CD since Paul is swamped with 3 tests this week and he always burns our pic CDs.

And woot woot its 9/15 for me that is :D

lyndsey said...

this prob won't make you feel any better but sometimes i secretly kind of miss the career world. hanging out with j is awesome of course but i guess i just always want what i don't have.

although i'm pretty sure being a SAHM in newport would be a decent alternative with much less regret.

Desiree and Lars said...

Totally getcha. Ugh. How we miss our little ones. Why does CA have to be so expensive to live in? Why do I have to have crazy amounts of student loans? Why didn't I marry the rich newport beach man (haha, jk on that last one...don't tell lars!) Nice that your boss gets that you don't want to be there. My awesome boss increased my days to 10 hrs a day when I came back, compared to 8 hour days prior to leave. What a peach. I'm going to start gambling. The end.

Amy said...

Jill this made me laugh, I hope my daughters don't grow up that way anyway...But my mom worked and now I stay home and I think I am pretty darn hardworking. So maybe he was right? You know keep your head up:)

erin | adam said...

I have an office too! I share it but I'm so excited! Congrats!