Monday, June 14, 2010

Some (more) catch up...

For Memorial Day we made a last minute trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks with Kenny's parents, Mark and DeAnne. Lola was a dream despite being strapped into her car seat for two days.

It was beautiful. And I can't really convey how HUGE sequoia trees actually are. Lots of photos to follow.

Our family.
Like I said, Lola was so fun!

The parents.
This is my favorite shot of the trip.
Look closely at this next one...can you see me?

Lola wanted to feel the spongy bark of the Sequoia.
The two giants.
The trees are ginormous.

This next tree, "General Sherman" is the largest one in terms of total mass. Take note of the person on the right to get an idea of the scale.

And the trees are really tall (i.e. 300 feet-ish). The General Sherman is as tall as a 27 story building.

For Kenny's birthday, we went for a long bike ride with Steve and Lori who were in town for the weekend to see Lola. They said they were there to attend a conference, but really they mainly wanted to see the girl. And who can blame them? She's really fun.

We got to try out our bike trailer. And we love it.'s been a full, fun few weeks.


lyndsey said...

loving all the catch up posts :) so i have a question about the road tripping...we're going to be driving back to utah when this baby is 6 weeks old, and i'm already dreading it. driving w/ lola in a carseat forever wasn't so bad? did you have to stop a lot to feed her etc?

jenn king said...


Kat Clark said...

These photos are AH!mazing!

Paul said...

so I just saw great pics of your birth story - awesome. I always wanted to do that but never knew who would do it for me. Kind of jealous. they are great pics.