Friday, April 2, 2010

a shout out

We'd like to take a quick opportunity to recognize some of Kenny's immediate family... particularly these two:

Jordan and Nicole (aka "Pickle")

It's Jordan's birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jordan! (Try not to be grossed out by this picture...)

It was Pickle's birthday last week (Happy Belated Birthday, Nicole!) and we celebrated with a girls' night one night and a big dinner at Cafe Rio and karaoke the next night. It was super fun. However, with regards to Nicole, the real birthday we're all anticipating is that of her soon-to-be little girl's, Lucille! Lucille is due TODAY...but we'll just have to wait and see if she decides to show up. In the mean time, check out Amelia's site for some lovely photos (see below) of Pickle in all her pregnancy glory. She's beautiful. And her husband, Jeff, isn't so bad on the eyes either.


rookie cookie said...

Jordan had dinner at our house on Sunday. And he said he hasn't eaten so good in a long time. He must be starving because we had barbecued chicken and pasta salad. With the way he was eating and talking about it, you would think he was at some fancy restaurant in LA. He made us feel like gourmets!

I hope Nicole has that baby soon. Her own little spring chicken. And I remember her talking about loving the name Lucille long before she even met Jeff. It's destiny for her to have a girl!

Nicole DeAnne said...

Thank Jilly! What a nice post.... so today is the due date & I am not getting my hopes up! I cleaned our place form top to bottom & I am now going to go walking.. I guess Lucille will come on her own terms! Next it will be you yayyyy! ALSO Happy Birthday to Gordo!!!

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