Thursday, February 18, 2010


(Grandma Nielsen)

Today marks One Year since my Grandma Nielsen passed away from pancreatic cancer. Her's marked the first of quite a few deaths we experienced last year. It sucked. A lot. I hoped life would throw us a bone this year and excuse us from that experience this year...and so far, it has (thankfully). However, my Grandma Rollins just was released from the hospital without any diagnosis on her recurring problem.

Universe, please not again. Not this year.

(Grandma Rollins)

So today I ask that you call your grandparents (if you have them) and tell them you love them. If you can, please go see them. Hug them. Indulge them and allow them to repeat the same story you've heard so many times you can almost mouth the words along with them. And enjoy it.

And, to honor my Grandma Nielsen, I also ask that you all wear your seat belts while out and about and that you call someone to let them know you're home safely. It's what she would tell you if she were here.

I miss you, Grandma. Throw Grandpa a high five for us, and maybe say 'what's up' to our soon-to-arrive kid.

Love, Jill.

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jill said...

You make me really consider calling my Grandma. I have never once in my life called her just to say hello. It might be awkward. I will tell you how it goes.