Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Nov. 19-Nov. 29: 8 full days of Family, Fun, and Feasting = wonderful.

Nov. 29: 10 hours in the car (when the total trip should have only taken 6) and 30 minutes bathroom lines at gross truck stops = not wonderful

Nov. 30 (Monday): 4 more hours in traffic and a 6 hour interview = exhausting.

So I'm back.
And really tired.


rookie cookie said...

Let me guess, you got stuck in the traffic by Vegas and Baker? If you did, we have been in that traffic before too and it BLOWS.

rookie cookie said...

Oh yeah, that comment you left a while back about what Kenny said- tell him thank you. He is so rad. And I mean that. I have always liked Kenny. After hearing about how good he was to his dad before Ken died really solidified what kind of man Kenny is. He is truly selfless.

Erin | Adam said...

I hear you with those gross bathrooms and lines, Adam got me a GoGirl for my Bday, amazing! (Our 5 hr trip home from san fran took close to 9, I feel your pain!)

Bek said...

welcome back.