Monday, October 5, 2009

Kicking myself

I love autumn. Along with a bazillion others, it's my favorite time of year (specifically when we start to get the first dustings of snow). And, because I spent a good chunk of my life living in New England (arguably the BEST place to enjoy the Fall season), I am a certified expert on beautiful autumns. Southern California, you fail miserably. MISERABLY.

Kenny and I spent most of this weekend holed up in our apartment desperately wishing the 80 degree weather and warm Santa Ana winds would cool and that the trees in our neighborhood would magically burst into color. No such luck. Instead we kept the apartment dim and cranked the AC so we could bundle up in our favorite Fall clothes - Kenny even went so far as to don a parka and thermals for about an hour. We munched on pumpkin cookies and hot soup (which is when Kenny had to ditch the parka) and at one point Kenny ventured out to get us some hot apple cider. However, after stepping into the So Cal heat, he came back with smoothies. (Sigh.)

The bigger issue is that we had kicked around the idea of heading to UT for the weekend. However, after learning that half my family has swine flu, we nixed that idea and considered Mammoth instead. Economics ruled the day, though, and we stayed home.

You can imagine our disappointment when we learned that not only did Mammoth have great fall weather and scenery, but they got the season's first dustings of snow on Sunday. 6-ish inches to be exact. And that is why we spent the rest of our weekend kicking ourselves for not biting the bullet and going up there. Next time, screw personal financial goals and obligations. Autumn is more important. For those of you lucky enough to have beautiful Autumn weather, enjoy it. (But just remember, we have the beaches...and Disneyland, so there.)


Nic and Bekka said...

I love the Fall too, and this is dry, windy, icky fall. I don't like it :(.

Kory said...

It's way too cold here already. We can trade houses for the winter.

Simcah Reid said...

Not to rub it in but I'll take the Atumn leaves and first snow with a big cup of hot chocolate to Disneyland and beaches any day. I'm not a fan of sand in my crack and crazy crowds. Then again I've only been to Disneyland in July and Aug. I hear off season is much better. Maybe we'll go in Oct. some year.

Our Blog Spot said...

Sister Brady -

I have pumpkin cookies with your name all over it.


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