Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My husband is a genious

While I was beyond the ability to think clearly or logically Sunday night, my husband was a genius and suggested I call in sick yesterday morning (at least for the morning). I immediately did so and instantly began to relax - an important step toward actually sleeping, wouldn't you know. He administered meds, gave me a massage and I slept. Finally.

I sauntered into work around noon yesterday, rested and awake. I learned that coming in to work four hours late (as opposed to an hour early like I normally do) means several things:
  • I battle NO traffic on my commute to the office
  • I get the BEST spot in the parking structure (go figure)
  • Everyone is at lunch upon my arrival so I still get that uninterrupted hour to settle in for the day (which is why I normally go in an hour early)
  • Everyone still goes home at 5, so there's no one to know if I stayed late or not
  • Everyone politely greets me and is extra careful not to overburden me with extra work (or their own lameness)

I also learned that

  • I could totally get used to five hour work days
  • I love having my morning to sleep, jog, tidy up, etc, to mentally gear up for the day
  • I also loved having my evening free (i.was able to visit with Kenny before his class, went to dinner at his sister's, and enjoyed a wonderful home cooked meal - before 9pm!!! (our normal dinner time) - all without any of the accompanying guilt that would have been there had I skipped the gym. It was glorious. As was the dinner she made.

Unfortunately, I also learned that apparently my boss is totally against the use of Sick Time (but, in my case, he was glad I used it wisely and for its intended purpose). Phew.

I'm thinking every Monday morning should be spent sleeping. I hereby move that the standard work week begins no earlier than noon on Monday for evermore. Anyone second my motion?


Doreen said...

Sorry you were so restless. Sounds like the day went okay though. I made you a special treat last night. You'll be sooooo
excited. Hope today goes well.
Love you,

jenn said...

good for you! it is amazing how much you can accomplish, or just enjoy, when you are otherwise supposed to be at work. i am not ashamed to admit that i look forward to working part-time.