Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thoughts for a Tuesday

Thought #1
I have two bosses. Last week, one of these bosses got himself a new boss. She’s 40s-ish and is well-educated, successful, and accomplished. Also she’s tall, slender, attractive, stylish, and has fantastic taste in art. (She hung a huge print of Roy Lichtenstein’s “Drowning Women” in her office – which is cool no matter who you are, but extra cool considering the “Conservative Banker” stereo type we’re all supposed to portray.) Lastly she’s worked her way into a position of considerable influence in an industry/company/department that is still very much a “Boys Club.”

("Drowning Woman" by Roy Litchenstein)

I think I might want to be her.
(Minus the whole middle-aged part.)

Thought #2
In efforts to raise awareness about (and money for) heart disease, our secretary has labeled a bowl of smarties candy with this message:

"Be a 'Smartie' and take care of Heart-ie."

(First, try not to gag on the slogan...Moving on.) After I spent several minuets just trying to get the label off so I could get to the candy (and I swear she practically laminated the stupid thing), I had to wonder if junk food is really the best medium upon which to spread her message.

Thought #3
You know your vehicle has seen better days when the Persian guy (who cut you off in traffic a block back) feels it necessary to tell you (while pumping gas) where you can get your car cleaned and repaired for cheap – and then proceeds to draw you a map.

My poor, sad, little Jetta.


k berrett said...

see -- your blog is so fun to read! you are great! i love being able to stay in touch even though we are in far away TEXAS!it was wonderful to see you and kenny at the big b-day bash for karen - I am so glad ya'll came!! love ya

rookie cookie said...

I need you to e-mail me. I can't find your e-mail address on this darn thing and I don't have it in my address book. I have a recipe for you that I think you might appreciate. Flourless chocolate cookies.

E-mail me. whitney_leigh_ingram@yahoo.com

ps, my word verification on this comment is the coolest one I have ever had: minitint