Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jill's 26th

So the week of Ken's funeral, Kenny first drove home from St. George UT and together we drove back to St. George, then onto Scofield Lake (in Spanish Fork Canyon, UT) for my family's reunion, back to St. George for the memorial, back to Draper/Sandy for the funeral/burial, then to Orem to kick it for a night at my parents. And then back home to Fullerton, CA. All in seven days. It was A LOT of driving.

The day we drove home was my 26th birthday. Kenny insisted we do something to celebrate it before we had to get back in the car and spend another nine hours driving, so I decided to do something active. We hiked up to Timpanogos Caves with my siblings and Ryan's lady friend, April. I haven't been to the caves since I was maybe 13ish, so I was really excited for our adventure.

Ryan takes in the view atop this rock - Little Mermaid style. (LOVE this photo)

We got to the top about 45 minutes ahead of our scheduled tour. So we kicked it and Kenny did a very good job at pestering all the rangers who walked by us. And then we entertained ourselves posing for the camera.
If you're a fan of "It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia" and know the song/dance "Dayman" you'll get this next photo. If you're not, I'm sorry. You're totally missing out.

Anna took this photo...I was trying to teach her a bit about the rule of thirds. And yes, my hair was (is) that color of throw-up complete with three-inch roots. It didn't help that I had already worked out before the hike and had yet to shower. It was greasy. (Some day I'll get it done. And the world we be a better place.)

The caves were incredible...I want to go again soon.

I kid you not - our tour guide was a park ranger version of Ned Flanders. It was awesome.

On the drive back to CA, Kenny was playing with the camera. This one is called "Boring Drive"
And this one is titled "Thank goodness we didn't die posing for this while the car was going 90 mph down I-15"
It was fun to see so much family, but it's nice to be home - WITH my husband. However, I think I'm ready for a REAL vacation.


Elise said...

I'm so happy to see real pictures on your blog again! The next time we are in Utah together (have we ever been in Utah together?), I want to do this hike since I've never done it. Love Ryan's Little Mermaid shot!

lyndsey said...

hmm. i have never been to those caves. maybe i should add that to my "things to do in utah" list.

Bek said...

happy birthday, lady. 26 is a good year.